Miss USA visits Colombia for Smile Train’s First South America Cleft Week
06 Oct 2017

Miss USA visits Colombia for Smile Train’s First South America Cleft Week

Miss USA Kára McCullough was joined by Miss Universe Colombia Laura González Ospina in Colombia in honor of Smile Train’s first South America Cleft Week. Smile Train is the world’s LARGEST cleft charity and has provided approximately 5,600 patients in Colombia to date.

What's the main goal of cleft week?

Simple! Smile Train uses this week to raise global awareness of the importance of cleft repair and brings together cleft professionals in order to provide the best quality care.  

During the weekend Miss USA Kára McCullough and Miss Universe Colombia Laura González Ospina visited one of Smile Train’s partner hospitals, Fundación Clínica Noel.

The two met with the organizations cleft patients and sat in on their free speech therapy and dental care provided by Smile Train and the clinic. They also met with a 4-month old patient that had an untreated cleft and was scheduled to have cleft repair surgery the next day.

Not only were they able to visit the cleft patients, they also had the opportunity to witness a life-changing cleft surgery firsthand.

Why Colombia?

According to Smile Train, approximately 1,100 children are born each year with clefts in Colombia. To date, Smile Train has provided cleft repair surgery to approximately 5,600 patients in Colombia. In addition to cleft surgery, Smile Train provides critical pre and post-operative comprehensive cleft care for our patients.

The Miss Universe Organization is proud to continue their partnership with Smile Train. Our titleholders are keen to advocate with Smile Train’s initiative in the 85+ countries where the charity has helped children.

Learn more about Smile Train:

-Smile Train’s sustainable model provides training, funding and resources to empower local doctors in 85+ developing countries to provide 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care in their own communities.

-Since its founding in 1999, Smile Train has provided more than one million cleft repair surgeries across the world.

-Millions of children in developing countries with untreated clefts live in isolation, and have difficulty eating, breathing and speaking.

-Globally, 1 in every 700 children is born with a cleft lip and/or palate. Clefts are the leading birth defect in many developing countries.

-Each year, 170,000+ children are born with a cleft lip and/or palate in the developing world.
-Through a simple surgery, children receive much more than a new smile but a fresh opportunity at a full and productive life.

-Cleft repair surgery costs as little as $250 and can take as little as 45 minutes.

-Every five minutes a Smile Train surgery helps a child in need.