5 Feelings You Get While Voting
26 Jan 2017

5 Feelings You Get While Voting

phil Do you want to have a say in who wins this year's title of Miss Universe? You can. Fan pre-voting on the Miss U app, MissUniverse.com, VODI, and Twitter is open now! Your vote will help determine the final spot in the top 12. So, if you want your voice to be heard, you have to VOTE! Here are five feelings you might get while voting for your favorite contestant...

1. Excited ezgif-com-ae57d09b62 YOU have a say in who could win the coveted title of Miss Universe! How cool is that?! You'll likely be super excited.

2. Proud ezgif-com-0e35b1f963 If your favorite contestant also happens to be someone from your country, you might feel proud to vote for someone who represents where you're from!

3. Overwhelmed ezgif-com-4050aa092b This is a BIG deal. You know how hard your favorite contestant worked to get to this point and now the power to help her secure that top 12 spot is in YOUR hands. You might feel overwhelmed by all the responsibility!

4. Anxious ezgif-com-99abf82970 You're probably anxious to see who gets that final spot! It could be YOUR favorite contestant. You can hardly stand waiting until Sunday to find out who it is!

5. Ecstatic  ezgif-com-377046f5c5

What are you waiting for? Vote today!


You can't wait to watch Miss Universe and see who secures that final spot in the top 12! See it for yourself when Miss Universe airs LIVE on Sunday, Jan. 29 at 7/6c.