How to Pack a National Costume
27 Jan 2017

How to Pack a National Costume

The National Costume competition is one of the most unique and highly anticipated parts of the Miss Universe competition. We can't wait to see how this year's contestants represent their countries!

National Costumes can be extravagant and large. So, how do you pack one? Check out four tips for traveling with a National Costume below.

1. Don't be afraid to give your costume its own suitcase

National Costumes can take up a lot of space. You may have to devote an entire suitcase (or multiple suitcases) to your National Costume and that's OK! You don't want it to break or get squished.

2. Protect It

Are you concerned that pieces of your National Costume might break during transit? Consider wrapping your costume pieces in bubble wrap before you pack them to protect them and keep them safe!

3. It won't fit on the plane? Ship it!

If a piece or pieces of your costume won't comfortably fit in a suitcase, you can always ship your costume to the Philippines! Just make sure you ship it early, so it has more than enough time to make it to the competition.

4. Concerned about losing it? Carry it on the plane!

The best way to guarantee your costume doesn't get lost or stolen in transit is to carry it on the plane with you. Consider carrying your National Costume in a garment bag or devoting both of your carry-on bags to your National Costume.

If your costume won't fit in just two carry-on bags, you can always ask one of the people traveling with you if they can help you out by devoting one of their carry-on bags to it.